During the entire ERF2012, you'll be able to take a break and visit the State of the Art Exhibition free of charge.

The exhibition is conveniently located at "Brandts" - literally a few meters from the forum - and offers a great opportunity to experience state-of-the-art equipment and simulations.

Opening hours:
Monday 10:00 - 17:00 (closed 11:45-12:00)
Tuesday 10:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 10:00-13:30

We are proud to present an interesting selection of robotics related exhibits. The specific exhibits consist of staffed demonstrations of various kinds of equipment and software simulations. Among others, these exhibits include different robot hands, a bin-picker, an intelligent trash can, a smartphone app demonstration, a digital playground, and 3D simulations.

Exhibition plan: Foyer |  Auditorium

Read more about the exhibits here:


E01 (Auditorium): Ambient Awareness for Autonomous Agricultural Vehicles
Autonomous vehicles will gain ground in agriculture and increase efficiency and productivity. To make autonomous vehicles operate safely, it must be provided with the ability to perceive and interpret the elements of danger in the concerned environment.

Contact: Danish Technological Institute, Michael Nielsen, Consultant, mlnn@dti.dk, +45 72202984



E02 (Auditorium): Bin-picker

The world's first off-the-shelf industrial "bin-picker" robot based on the award-winning SCAPE technology platform. The Bin-Picker robot picks parts that are placed randomly in bins and places them precisely in the processing machines. As an off-the-shelf product it is competitive, easy to acquire and integrate into the production line. The production worker intuitively and quickly instructs the robot for new handling tasks.

Contact: Danish Technological Institute, K. Bo Genefke, Automations Consultant, kbg@dti.dk, +45 72203981


E03 (Foyer): Bionic Handling Assistant
The Bionic Handling Assistant is a light, free-moving "third hand" system and was developed by Festo in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA) and within the framework of the Bionic Learning Network - a research network comprising Festo and universities, Institutes and development companies. The Bionic Handling Assistant won the German Future Award 2010 (Deutscher Zukunftspreis).

Contact: Festo AG & Co. KG, Michael Puggaard Holst, Marketing Manager, MichaelPuggaard.Holst@dk.festo.com,+45 40543785


E04 (Foyer): Curaga - Simplifying daily living
The exhibit will display BarRefresh - a smartphone solution for people with cognitive handicaps - alongside with case material, which gives a better understanding of and insight into the product.

Contact: Curaga ApS, Jakob Klein Petersen, CEO, jkpe@curaga.dk, +45 63157005


E05 (Foyer): DELMIA for off-line robot simulation and - programming

Idé-Pro Engineering & Software resell DELMIA, from Dassault Systémes. DELMIA is used to simulate all kinds of manufacturing processes in the Digital World. DELMIA can simulate production lines, workcells and robots before the production equipment is setup, and thereby ensure that production equipment works as intended. All kinds of Robots can be simulated and programmed off-line with DELMIA.

Contact: Idé-Pro Engineering & Software A/S, Hanne Heinesen, Marketing Manager, hoh@ipes.dk, +45 52146830



E06 (Foyer): EuRoSurge Project

We will introduce the EuRoSurge Project, a coordinated action aimed at developing a conceptual integration platform for Computer and Robot Aided Surgery (CRAS) research and manufacturing, identifying the key European players in surgical robotics and cognitive sciences relevant to surgery, establishing ontologies, architectures and roadblocks for CRAS. We will also show the main projects (iSur, Safros, Active) in which the Robotic lab of the University of Verona is involved, with some other partners of EuRoSurge.

Contact: Università di Verona, Marta Capiluppi, Ph.D, marta.capiluppi@univr.it, +39 3397430025


Hybrid Gripper

E07 (Auditorium): The Hybrid Gripper

The Hybrid Gripper is a new kind of robot hand and the first of its kind in the world. The hand is a completely original invention with a range of unique features: It's flexible, affordable, customer adapted, and robust. The needs of the industry are the fundamental basis of The Hybrid Gripper. The hand catches and manipulates securely with a wide variety of physical objects (in terms of weight, shape, surface, center of gravity, material, and other aspects). At the same time, it is cost-effective to invest in the hand, even when relatively few objects are to be handled in many small series with a lot of variations. New customized hands are quickly and easily produced to match specific requirements, including quantity, size, and strength of the fingers and sensors. All hands are molded in a durable material.

Contact: Danish Technological Institute, Andreas H. Lyder, Consultant, Ph.D, ahl@dti.dk, +45 72202976



E08 (Auditorium): Intelligent Robots for Handling of Flexible Objects

The aim of the INTERREG 4A project Intelligent Robots for Handling of Flexible Objects (IRFO) is to analyze and handle deformable and flexible objects, such as meat, by using robots. The exhibit will demonstrate the equipment behind the project along with the technologies developed and linked together in it. Furthermore, the exhibit will present our approach to the peg-in-hole applications described in this article.

Contact: Danish Technological Institute, Knud Aulkær Andersen, Project Manager, kaa@dti.dk, +45 72202154 



E09 (Foyer): Intelligent trash cans
The intelligent trash can compresses its content of garbage, making it able to contain five times as much. Through wireless communication, the trash can signals automatically when it needs emptying. To encourage and motivate the citizens to throw out the garbage - instead of throwing it on the ground - the trash can responds to those who use it with appreciative chomping sounds.

Contact: Danish Technological Institute, Britt Sørensen, Consultant, brs@dti.dk, +45 72202858




E10 (Auditorium): PARO & JACO
This versatile advanced manipulator arm, JACO, from the Canadian-based company KINOVA is perfectly suited for robotic research and applied in care of elderly. The robotic arm is made of carbon fibre and uses harmonic-gear-motors to move silently and smoothly. The robot's six degrees-of-freedom can rotate continually and endlessly. PARO is a therapeutic robot baby seal that has a calming effect on and elicits emotional responses from patients in dementia care both at hospitals and in nursing homes, similar to Animal-Assisted Therapy.

Contact: Danish Technological Institute, Allan Ottosen, Consultant, alot@dti.dk, +45 72202286


E11 (Auditorium): R3-COP - Resilient Reasoning Robotic Co-operating Systems

R3-COP is an ARTEMIS-JU project running from 05-2010 to 04-2013 aimed at providing European industry with new leading-edge methodology and technologies to enable production of advanced robust and safe cognitive, reasoning autonomous and co-operative robotic systems in different application domains at reduced cost in terms of time and money. An important factor when designing these robotic systems is being able rationally to handle a multitude of design choices constrained by both quantitative and qualitative requirements. To exemplify this, the exhibit will demonstrate a simple software design decision-support tool able to capture an end-user's functional preferences with respect to a new fictitious robotic servant. These results are then presented versus economic factors creating a foundation for making a rational design choice.

Contact: Danish Technological Institute, Lars Dalgaard, Ph.D., ldd@dti.dk, +45 72203983 

WTR Logo

E12 (Foyer): Robotic solutions in healthcare and welfare
Welfare Tech Region is a market driven cluster for healthcare and homecare in Denmark. We operate a range of technology development projects, aimed at developing new welfare products and services. The projects are developed in collaboration with partners from the business community, research and education institutions and public authorities. Get information on how Welfare Tech Region can help you with the development of healthcare robots, and about what robotics projects Welfare Tech Region is currently working on.

Contact: Welfare Tech Region, Kristina Lagoni, Network coordinator, krlag@wtr.dk, +45 23699462


E13 (Auditorium): Robotics for cognitive training of people with dementia
In Denmark, the demography changes and there is an increase in the number of people diagnosed with dementia. Many technologies already exist to assist people suffering from dementia, but few of them focus on slowing down the development of dementia. That is what this project is about. The approach is to use a digital playground that is actually a modular robotic system, consisting of a finite number of embedded computers (satellites). Each computer has various sensors, such as touch, accelerometer, temperature, light etc. In this setting, different kinds of games can be constructed and used for cognitive and physical training that will hopefully slow down the development of dementia.

Contact: Danish Technological Institute, Kristoffer Ravnholt, Lab Assistant, krra@dti.dk, +45 72202772

E14 (Foyer): Shadow Dexterous Hand

The Shadow Dexterous Hand is the most advanced commercial robot hand in the world. With 20 degrees of freedom, position sensing on every joint, and touch sensors in the fingertips, a Shadow Hand is the closest robot Hand to the human Hand available. It provides 24 movements, allowing a direct mapping from a human to the robot. This can give your robots unparalleled flexibility in manipulation tasks.

Contact: Shadow Robot Company Ltd., Armando De La Rosa T., Robotics Engineer, armando@shadowrobot.com, +44 (0) 20 7700 2487

E15 (Foyer): Visual Components

Visual Components, a pioneer in 3D factory simulation solutions and a leading global provider of a powerful suite of simulation software, has taken the science of Digital Manufacturing to the next level. With the release of the 2012 simulation suite Visual Components has redefined the way to do 3D Robotics Simulation by introducing a completely new simulation engine. This new simulation technology offers the fastest simulation experience up to this point and additional new features make this new version an indispensable package for anyone interested in the next generation robotics simulation.

Contact: Visual Components Ltd, Mikko Urho, Sales Director, mikko.urho@visualcomponents.com, +358445610156


E16 (Foyer): Webots: robot simulator
Webots is a development environment used to model, program and simulate mobile robots. With Webots the user can design complex robotic setups, with one or several, similar or different robots, in a shared environment. The exhibit will demonstrate the various capabilities of the Webots software, including an overview of its features and a display of simulation videos.

Contact: Cyberbotics Ltd., Olivier Michel, Dr., Olivier.Michel@cyberbotics.com, +41 216938624



E17 (Auditorium): Universal Robots
Universal Robots' products automate production processes throughout the industry. The small and flexible robots
 from Universal Robots have been quick to gain a foothold on a global scale. Small, medium-sized and large companies have discovered the advantages of using these modern robots that can easily be moved around in the production. The idea for a brand new generation of industrial robots arose in 2003: Danish robot researchers realised that the robot market was characterised by heavy, expensive and complex robots made by engineers for engineers. Which is why, in 2005, they decided to found Universal Robots with the ambition of making robot technology (also known as robotics) available to all companies. In 2008 the user-friendly robots were fully developed. Ever since then, the robots from Universal Robots have inspired great enthusiasm within the industry for many reasons, not least because it costs so little to implement them that they pay for themselves in no time.

Contact: Universal Robots, Thomas Visti, Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer, tv@universal-robots.com +45 28948985


We are looking forward to welcoming these companies' stimulating contributions.