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A retrospective overview of European Robotics Forum 2012
The three intensive forum days at ERF2012 were concluded on Wednesday the 7th of March. Researchers, representatives from the robot industry and a number of official representatives from the European Commission - 550 in total - visited the forum and participated in the more than 40 workshops. Many expressed great satisfaction with their participation.  Here is a quick retrospective overview of the forum.

ERF2012 Day Three
The third and final day of ERF2012 continued in the spirit of the two first days with 14 interesting workshops, keeping the delegates busy. Judging from the mixture of acknowledging smiles, quiet conversations, cheerful discussions, and thoughtful expressions filling the premises in Odense, the delegates were truly enjoying the opportunity to extend their network and create new working collaborations.

ERF2012 Day Two
With most people arrived and settled in, the delegates now devoted themselves to attending workshops. The program offered six tracks, fully packed with interesting workshops stretching over more than ten hours. A cosy candle-lit conference dinner was held in the evening, nicely rounding off a busy day at ERF2012.

ERF2012 Day One
Shortly after the official opening, the entire area surrounding the European Robotics Forum 2012 was buzzing with life. People were walking around, chatting, working, and attending workshops. The forum had begun! It's running monday to wednesday.

European Robotics Forum 2012 officially opened by Danish minister
The Danish Minister of Science, Innovation and Higher Education, Morten Østergaard, attended the official opening of the European Robotics Forum 2012. The minister gave a speech and was later guided around the State of the Art Exhibition. 

Robot in our lives: Presentation of the Green Paper on Robotics and Law 
Focusing on the 'green paper' made with contributions from experts in laws, social sciences, ethics, philosophy and robotics, this workshop will present the effort made to define a roadmap trying to overcome the ethical, legal, and societal issues in robotics.

ELS 1. Robotics facing Law. The RoboLaw Kick-off Meeting (Public)
By presenting the EU funded project RoboLaw, this workshop intends to show how the legal problem of robotics is currently being addressed at the European level.

ECHORD Workshop: Best Practice for Knowledge Transfer and Industry-Academia Collaboration in European Robotics
How can knowledge transfer and academia-industry collaboration be performed in the most efficient way?

Promoting European Robotics - Plans & Projects
The aim of this workshop is to share information about the organisation and coordination of the European Robotics Week and to make decisions about next year's European Robotics Week.

Entrepreneurship Workshop
Throughout the first day at ERF2012, a group of selected teams - with a particular robotics idea each - will go through an entrepreneurial coaching session and present their work at a public session.

Innovative Applications in Security and Space Robotics
In the domains of security robotics and space robotics, this workshop will illustrate a few examples of innovative missions and technological solutions.

Cognitive Vision in Object Manipulation and Grasping
Which visual representations are needed for cognition? At this workshop, participants can listen to talks from leading researchers on the topic and discuss how to progress in the field.

From Grippers to Hands
At this workshop, the topic is 'The present and the future of advanced robotic manipulators'. The key objective is to give researchers deep insights into the range of options available for letting robots interact with the world. 

Rational Design of Robotic Systems: Where do we go from here?
This workshop is about 'Putting the social into robotics'. Participants will get a chance to obtain a greater knowledge of the design challenges in future industrial and academic robotic systems and to participate in setting the agenda for how to proceed.   

Robots in healthcare and welfare
In the struggle of coping with an aging society, robotic solutions are inevitable. This workshop will focus on how to make use of robots in healthcare and welfare to assist elderly and impaired persons as well as healthcare staff.

Wire-driven parallel robots
Wire-driven parallel robots have moved far beyond pure fundamental research and are now subject to numerous application projects. The goal of this workshop is to offer a discussion forum for both potential users and wire robot experts.

Task specification and state charts in the Orocos eco-system
When doing advanced robot task specification and coordination, how can you benefit from the Orocos eco-system? At this workshop, the attendants will get hands-on experience with the Orocos eco-system, which will allow speeding up their future application-development and testing process.

Vision-based Safety for Mobile Robots
As robots move out of their cages, safety becomes a new challenge. This workshop will focus on the interdisciplinary exchange between developers, designers, machine-vision experts, and possible target customers.

Intelligent Robots for Manipulation of Flexible Objects
The partners in this project have the intension of showing the scientific outcome of their work and bring it to public use in the future. Hopefully, this technology can create more workplaces and better work environment in European industry.

Social Robots and Social Pedagogical Approaches
Bringing together international experts, who all have worked on the effects of social robotics with different client groups, this workshop will provide its participants with a deeper understanding of the effects of emotional and social robotics.

EUROSURGE: Roadmap Towards a European Network of Surgical Robotics Laboratories
Computer and Robot Assisted Surgery (CRAS) contains a strong potential to reach new levels of healthcare. This workshop aims at exchanging ideas and increasing connections within the community in this field.

Key exhibits are now confirmed
We are proud to announce a wide range of exciting exhibits at the State of the Art Exhibition.

Robotics and Cognition
Which cognitive capabilities do robots need? In the field of cognitive robotics, this workshop seeks to improve the mutual understanding of needs in research and industry.

Danish Strongholds in Robotics
By outlining Danish Strongholds in robotics, this workshop will give a quick overview of the possibilities to work with Danish innovation partners and academia.

Educational Robotics for tomorrow's roboticists and forthcoming non-roboticists users of service robots
At a European level, this workshop aims at promoting the growing interest, the investment, and the cooperation in the field of Educational Robotics. Participants shall benefit from the updated, state-of-the-art Educational Robotics applications and issues presented by authoritative professionals.

Agricultural Robotics - User-Biology-Robotics integration
How can we improve the interaction between machine and biology? This workshop will address aspects of the challenge of producing more food and biomass - on a smaller area, with less input, and with fewer people involved in the process.

Going hands-on with the MORSE simulator
Research and industry roboticists will discover a new wholesome simulation environment that eases robotics developments. This workshop will seek to demonstrate how to accelerate your research and/or development cycle with the Morse simulator.

Developments and Trends in Navigation Assistance
How do we turn current navigation assistance research prototypes into commercially available products? This workshop will aim to identify the key enablers and bottlenecks in this process.